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Car Hire Avignon Mini Guide

Palais des Papes, translated to Palace of the Popes, is the huge fortress that overlooks Avignon. An enormously ugly building, are littered with slotted windows, which taunt the mind of its full and interesting history of what once happened.

The Avignon Festival is set here and the courtyard is now full of cafes and restaurants to sit and relax in the quite eerie setting. Built in the 1300's it survived a fire in 1413, which destroyed artwork and parts of the building. There is a guided tour available which makes it easier to view the labyrinth of rooms.

Drive your Car Hire Avignon to Pont St Benezet (St Benezet Bridge) and see the wonder of the famous bridge. It was erected between 1177 and 1185, originally made from wood, but had been regularly updated and strengthened. Being the only link between Lyon and the Mediterranean it had an important role in trade during the Middle Ages.

Unfortunately the River Rhone proved too strong and demolished most of the bridge, nearly all 22 arches. The chapel, Chapelle St Nicholas, is still available to see. Having a small museum which shows earlier pictures of the bridge and its former glory.

Bring the Car Rental Avignon to another museum, namely Musee du Petit Palais, was built in 1318-1320 for Cardinal Beranger Fredol. Being thoroughly altered over the years, Pope Benoit resided there. Today there are the 19 rooms, which hold interesting sculptures, frescoes and Italian artwork from Sano Di Pietro, Botticelli, and Carpaccio.

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